Thank you for viewing this page. These are a couple of testimonials I have received for the work that I’ve done as The Small Business Angel. There will be more on my website once it’s up and running (which should be quite soon).

Angel is certainly the word for Cemanthe! The Small Business Angel is priceless for a new business. I had so much to do and not enough time to do it all, and then Cemanthe came along to my rescue! There is so much to think about when you are setting up a new business and you need to be concentrating on the bigger picture, what ever it may be and you just want to get on with promoting your business, but you still have all the important basics to do so to have someone to help with that, allows you to focus on what is important within your business.
Not only did Cemanthe help source the right email management & email marketing systems, she also helped with ideas for promoting my business, and even got contacts for me when she was at a networking event – as i said, an Angel in more ways than one!! I couldnt have managed without her and would recommend her to anyone that needs the support to release them to get on with their business!

Thank you Cemanthe.
Kelly Oldershaw
Wealth Unlimited
Get Your Life Back

I helped Kelly with a few things including what she mentioned above, as well as setting up the website for Get Your Life Back, training and set up with Aweber, talking her through google analytics and helping with YouTube. Kelly currently works in both a property and workshop business and even though she has business partners, I worked with her directly.

You were very friendly, efficient and organised. I knew that every request would get actioned straight away. There was no need to chase and you kept me updated along the way. Apart from the trainers, you were one of the few people I dealt with and you gave a very positive impression about the company. I felt that I was valued as a customer and got the customer service I expected as a paying client.
I would definitely recommend you to small businesses and entrepreneurs as you provide a consistently efficient service I can trust
Marjo Tapojarvi
Coach (website currently under construction)

I am currently setting up Marjo’s website for her and she has known me in the past when I worked within a training company in their coaching department.


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