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What the F**K is Social Media – great slideshow!!

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Mini Marketing Tip 2 – Image

Hello readers,

Here’s an interesting controversial thought: People judge you and pre-determine how you’re going to be by the way you look.

Don’t agree? Watch this video as proof (love her or hate her, you cant dispute that this was true in her case.)
So, if people judge you by the way you look, or at least make an initial judgement, then if you are representing your business.. how does this translate?

Well, if you show up to networking events with dirty hair, un-ironed clothes and slouched shoulders, then think of how people will see you. Yes, you can never judge a book by it’s cover, however, the reality is that we do form an impression of someone by the way they look. This possibly comes from the time of the caveman and is linked to a survival instinct; you had to know whether someone was friend or foe instantly!

It doesn’t matter how great your product is or how spectacular you are at providing the service that you do, if you are not dressed to reflect what you do, then people will make a pre-judgment on what you provide as a business.

Comments and/or experiences welcome!

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Mini Marketing Tip 1 – Social Media

Marketing has had a turnaround! It’s no longer about company promotion,… it’s now about consumer referral.
With tools like twitter, facebook, stumbleupon and youtube, with many others, the public can now vote on their favourite companies… online. Marketing should now be about providing advice, support and expertise to the market, building relationships with your target market. Your brand needs to be online as well as offline, using the social media most relevant to your target market.
Get started now!

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How to stand out in your marketing!

Hello readers,

I’ve been quiet the last few days, busy preparing for the next stage of development in business. I went to an event the other night called ‘How to Barack Obama your Business’ by Rod Sloane, which was excellent and he explained about how to be different in your marketing. On friday I will post a few notes that I took from the seminar.

One thing that really stood out for me was a gentleman called Theo, who is a magician. As you can see from the video, he markets himself quite well! Now, I know that maybe in your business wearing a bunny covered blue suit might not be relevant… but just give it some thought.. how can you stand out and be different in your industry?!

Thoroughly recommend this event… http://obamayourbusiness.eventbrite.com/

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How to Combine Online and Offline Marketing

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4 Components of Marketing – Video

This was very interesting and relevant right now in the current climate… training and marketing budgets are the first to go when there is a recession…

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The Growing Your Own Business Show

Hello readers,

My post today will be for those of you who couldn’t get to the show and also for you if you are building a business. I sat in on some great informational seminars and hope that I can do them justice when I share the notes with you! If you read through what I’ve written and it doesn’t make sense, email me cemanthe@thesmallbusinessangel.com or feel free to phone me +44 (0)7886 593 076 and I can explain further. I also met with a few business owners/companies that I would like to introduce you to and perhaps you can make use of their services, see below the notes section for these…


What it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur – Oliver Tress, founder Oliver Bonas

Plan – be extraordinary, be clear, be scaleable
SWOT – of your business idea, of your market, of yourself
Implementation – an action plan with: desired outcomes, resources and deadlines
Be organised, be dispensible and be flexible

As the owner of your company set the tone for your employees and the company culture, see the bigger picture and communicate!

Maintaining and growing cash flow, sales and profiltability – Geoff Matthews, MD Matthews Business Associates

Expenses – raw materials, finished goods, transport, facilites, debtors, wages, interest, rent and rates, assets

Financing a business – 
New business: equity, loans, asset finance, overdraft, factoring 
Established: sales, invoices, cash

Profit does not equal cash!!! a business needs both to sustain

– running out of cash: chase what you’re owed, dont pay til you need to, speak to the HRMC
– running out of customers: look after your current clients, know what makes you different, who is your target market, think about your pricing strategy, pricing policy, payment terms and loyalty.

How is or will your business be doing financially… in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3-5 years from now? Plan, forecast and review!

Geoff was kind enough to send his powerpoint presentation to me, and if you’d like a copy, let me know.

Leveraging social networking sites to generate business – Mike Segall, MD The Business Resources Group

We were brought up to not talk to strangers.. but that’s what networking is and why we could be afraid of it!
47% of your business is gained through networking, 43% through cold calling

People do business with those they know, like, trust and respect

How to network effectively?
1. who is buying your product or service
2. where do they network
3. investigate before time who will be there and set a meeting in advance
4. phone the organiser and get recommended contacts or meetings

When going to a networking event:
– set your intention
– follow through your intention
– follow up

know what your networking strategy is

see social networking sites as a marketing database

your profile: professional photo, what you do, case study, visibility and credibility, blog to demonstrate your knowledge/expertise
benefits of social networks: credibility and visibility, your knowledge and expertise, market, promote and sell, a marketing database, market reserach polls, low cost route to your market

Funding your business growth – Emmett Kilduff, CEO Cmypitch.com

When approaching potential investors, you should:
– know your usp
– be in a high growth market
– be planning
– have traction
– have an exit strategy
– have a strong team
– be passionate

Marketing on a shoestring – Carl Pihl, Founder Drinkyz
Adapt, be flexible, innovate, have persistence/perseverence

– marketing is: the story you tell yourself, your clients and what they tell to others.. how people translate that story is how it works for them
– social proof: an idea people talk about and want to be a part of, viral marketing, social compliance
– to much choice is bad: keep it simple! one main product that pulls the market
– target your clients needs: what do they want? listen to what they want and provide the solution
– create an experience for your clients

That’s all I could get! If you have any questions or want to chat about what I’ve written, contact me!

Recommended providers

Commercial Cleaning and Property Maintenance
Terry MacDonald, Director: www.londonandessex.com

I met with Terry while sitting waiting for one of the seminars and would highly recommend him and his company

Other businesses I found at the show that might interest you:

http://www.matthewsba.co.uk/ – accountants and business help

http://www.5mins.co.uk – online business directory

http://www.cre8broadband.tv – video and dvd production

http://www.mskglobal.com – support services

http://www.cmypitch.com – online services for businesses

See you on Wednesday!

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