• Too much to do, too little time?
  • Feel your business could do with a tune-up, but are too busy running it to sort out the problems?

This is where the Small Business Angel comes in…

The Small Business Angel is a company that develops tailor-made business growth/development plans for small businesses (1-10 employees). You can think of me as something between a consultant and virtual PA. I’m in the business of helping you to find more time by doing the tasks you don’t have time or knowledge to do!

Your Business Success is My Business

My aim is to assist businesses with their goals; using coaching, resourcing, research, admin and many other key skills.

What will I do for you?

UK/London based businesses:

– First, we have a one hour meeting, either over the phone or face to face, to agree a clear outline and objectives, issues to be addressed, desired outcomes and timing. This is where you let me know what it is that you need for your business.
– Then, I immerse myself for a set period of time into your business, getting to know it from an internal perspective. If you are a sole-trader or only have 3 or less people working in your business, then this is as quick as spending some time with you and seeing what can and needs to be done, and how it would best benefit you. If you are a bigger small business, then I would spend time in your company getting to know it from your employees perspective, as well as spending time with you to talk business!
– I then spend a day or so to prepare your business development plan which outlines how, when and what I will be working on to transform your business. 

Internationally based businesses:

If you are a company located outside of London, this is fine. I do deal with businesses internationally too. These days with the internet, email and skype, business between us can be conducted effectively! If you require me to spend time within your business, then we can organise this directly.


Small Business Angel

How is my approach different? I am an immersive consultant. This means that I work within your company to see it from your perspective. This enables me to know exactly what will work for you and your business, and how best to implement your business development plan. I’m also not quite a PA, as instead of being your employee, I work independently; this enables me to have an objective perspective. I bring extra skills and knowledge to the table and work interactively with you to develop your business.

 “Your enthusiasm for what we do fired us up too!” said after an initial meeting with a business owner.

More information on how you can secure the services of The Small Business Angel and grow your company, can be found on my website: http://www.TheSmallBusinessAngel.com or you are welcome to contact me through the contact page, email cemanthe@thesmallbusinessangel.com or phone +44 (0)7886 593 076.

I look forward to working with you,