Want to learn to trade on the Stock Market?

I’m promoting this on behalf of Andy Phillips (who as you might or might not know, writes a great blog on website optimisation! and has contributed to my blog before 🙂

Please contact him directly or through the link below:

We would like to invite you to an Ultimate Investor Open evening where you can get a flavour of how we help our club members become successful traders.
The Ultimate Investor Club is for those who have either looked at Trading in the stock market but thought it too difficult or those who have tried and either failed or are finding it difficult to dedicate the exhaustive amount of time it is taking.
Andrew will show you smarter ways of spending your efforts for much higher returns.
The Open evening is your chance to meet fellow traders learn new techniques as well as put into practice some tried and tested trading strategies.
Ultimate Investor Open Evening Thursday 21st May 2009 at Pennyhill Park Hotel
London Road, Bagshot, Surrey, GU19 5EU
Only £10.00 – Book Online Now!
Your Opportunity to be part of something special

Enjoy if you go along!


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