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Thank you for visiting. I think today’s post will be brief and I would really like your feedback, comments and insight! It’s really about networking. I ran a networking event last night, and yes, I probably should have charged for it to get commitment, however, it was free and from a social aspect.. yet… only 2 people attended! Interesting.

So, my thoughts today are about the apathy of networking. In today’s times, why has no-one realised yet that building a business is not about media marketing (advertising, leaflets etc) anymore but about social marketing – building and developing realtionships with your potential clients? I’m very on my soapbox about this, but I am constantly astounded by the amount of people that dont follow up after networking events, dont attend networking events and dont make the most of every opportunity to promote what they can do for you!
And yes, there are the lovely people who RSVP to let you know they are busy and that’s great.. but what about the people who either dont rsvp or say ‘yes I’ll attend’, but then dont show? Has something better come up? And if yes, is this something going to move your business forward?.. if yes again, then go for it! But what I have discovered in building a business is that there is a lot of apathy or indifference in business owners to their business.

So, here’s what I’d like to know.. do you belong to a networking group?
What was your motivation for joining?
How do you find the follow up from other members?
What is the best part of the group you belong to?

Please leave your comments.. I’d be really interested to know your thoughts. Please feel free to put a link to your site too and let people know what you do.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Mmmm, yes I have to agree. I have had occassion to invite people to an event and despite many acceptances, only about 10% arrived on the night, which in my considered opinion is just rude. Times have changed and the small business owner needs to get their thinking straight about what constitutes business development. The emphasis is more on Social networking as opposed to advertising (which still works, but who can afford it?). Relationship building is what Business is all about and meeting at Social events is a great way to do that. Time to get out the apathy rut and take charge of Business Building. Something to ponder would be; if a Business owner accepts an invitation but does not bother to pitch on the night, or cancel in advance: how are they managing other important aspects of their business?

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