What is a Brand?

Good morning readers and Happy Easter! I hope it was filed with sunshine, happiness and lots of chocolate 🙂

Todays posting is a contribution from one of the Business Exchange Group members. Robin joined us from the start and has been very active within the group. He posted this on branding, and I thought it would be great for you to know, as I found it very interesting and thought-provoking about my own brand.. enjoy!


What is a brand
From birth we make thousands of choices that will decide what sort of person we grow up to be; good or bad, reliable or untrustworthy, smart or scruffy, cruel or kind, industrious or idle. The way we look, the way we act and everything we say or do, can affect the impression we make on the people around us. We call this our reputation, and it can determine how succesful we become in life.
It’s exactly the same for a company, and we call it a Brand.

It’s easy to stand out from a crowd…but it has to be for all the right reasons
Primarily, it’s you logo that gives you a recognisable face in a busy world and stamps your name on your products, but it’s what people think when they see our logo that counts it carries with it your reputation for reliability and trust that may take years to establish. It is important to convey all aspects of your brand with positive, clear communication.

You can never afford to be complacent
Your reputation or Brand has its foundations in the quality of the things you make and/or the services you provide. A Brand is only as good as the reputation that builds it.

Consistency and harmony
Although we all have our own unique and individual personalities, your customers need to know that they are talking to a company that has a single unified voice.
For this reason you need to have guidelines and rules that you and your staff can all follow to ensure that each element of brand communication is consistent.

Don’t let all your efforts go to waste
As a business you set yourselves tough targets to make the best possible impression on customers and other audiences. This impression is based not just on your products or services but also on the customers impression of every one of your staff. If one part of your actions falls below the standard that your customers expect, then their overall perception is affected.

Robin Chapman
C&C Design Ltd


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