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It’s definitely a very odd thing.. working from home. Even though the world is your office and you are your own boss, it can sometimes be quite daunting. I must admit I’ve had a strange week, feeling less than creative and a bit boxed in. However, the sun is shining today, the weekend and the month ahead hold new promise.. AND! I’ve finally brought the mountain to mohammed! What I mean is that I have investigated many different networking groups and even though they have been brilliant and a great source of potential business, I have found them to be a tad above what a startup or small business owner can afford. So, I have created a new networking group exclusively for start-ups and small business owners.

When I first arrived in London, I hosted a very successful weekly forum group covering general topics and have been thinking lately.. Why not apply this to business owners?

I was on a panel of business experts recently and many of the attendees said that they found it incredibly useful to mingle with other small business owners and know that in their fears, questions and goals: they weren’t alone!

So, I have created ‘The Business Exchange Group’ whose philosophy is that by creating a collaboration system between business owners; sharing issues in a forum setting, networking with each other and sharing business ideas, you create a win win for all!

The Business Exchange Group



-The Business Exchange Group-

The number one factor for business success is the quality of the relationships that you make – both with customers and service providers that enable your business to grow.

The Business Exchange Group (BXG) is a unique ‘targeted’ networking service which matches complimentary business partners, in order for you to build the relationships you need to create a succesful business – and all this whilst you are enjoying a superb dining experience.

The BXG unique ‘targeted’ network means that each lunch is actively engineered. This ensures quality representation from key business areas, in order to increase the likelihood that the people you will meet will be in the market for your services, and you will be able to meet the services you require.

At the BXG lunch group meet-up you will:

1) Relationship Building: Build quality relationships with personally selected customers & experts
via face-to face networking
(meet the contacts that could transform your business over an enjoyable wining and dining with your peers at the Hilton Metropole in the heart of London!).

2) Knowledge Sharing: Gain new knowledge/ideas via a BXG lunch business topic of the month (food for belly and food for thought!)

3) Online Promotion: Have free promotion and marketing using the BXG on-line network via “Buisness of the week”, key word optimisation and Blogging to a wider busieness audience.

4) Skill Bank: Unique BXG Lunch “skill bank” system to trial new services and partnerships for free.

The BXG has been designed to provide:

– tried and tested systems to make sure you meet the people that want to meet you;
– opportunties to hear & speak as an expert at lunch events;
– access to the contact info you require after each lunch;
– personal support via a free follow up network coaching call after each event to ensure your needs are being met.

The Networking Membership is limited to professional service industries (does not include MLM or networking marketing representatives).

The facebook group and the ning site are a free platform for small business owners and start-ups to network and exchange information.

Both membership levels will benefit from invitation to quarterly social networking events, the main focus on developing a business relationship with each other in a social setting”Meet other locals from all Industries to discuss your Business Ideas and Strategies. Gather to discuss current events, share experiences, and to network with other people interested in Business.”

We are selective about who qualifies as a Networking Member. To ensure the high quality of networking opportunites in The Business Exchange Group, we aim to pick the best representatives of each professional discipline for each slot in a networking lunch and especially welcome enthusiastic, committed networkers. You will be interviewed by one of our representatives, who will ensure that you are comitted to building your business and assisting others at the same time.

My business philosophy is that collaboration in a network, helping others to achieve their goals, is the base of any good company.

There will be an investment to join as a networking member, details to follow, however, you are welcome to use this group to promote your business.. in fact, I encourage it! Please post what you do on the wall and how you can help other businesses.

I look forward to networking and exchanging business with you.



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