Using Ning for business & Bonus Friday video

So, you’ve heard of facebook right? Well, Ning is essentially like facebook… except that you get to create it for yourself and your business. It’s an interactive membership site, and best of all it’s free to set up, customisable (so you can upload your logo and choose matching colours) and easy to find for people who would be interested in what you do.

You start by naming your network and choosing a combination of features (photos, videos, forums, events, etc.) from an ever-growing list of options. You can then customize your network’s appearance and launch it! People who join your network will automatically have a customizable profile page and will be able to message and friend each other.

Seven Great Advantages Of Running A Ning Social Network

1.  It’s free and everything you need to build a high class social platform is available for you

2.  You can upgrade and use your own domain and get rid of the ning advertising

3.  You can also take over the advertising space and then charge your members a fee to advertise

4.  Ning regularly appears on the front page of Google results – ask the question “who invited you or how did you find us” to new members and if  they say “through the search engines” get in touch to ask them if they remember the specific words they used in their search to find us. That way you know which key words you are coming up for and use them in your tabs! (this could apply for blogging too)

5. You are provided with promotional tools to help yourself and other members promote the network.  Once members start inviting other people your network soon grows.

6.  All the help and support you need is available through the Ning support team so you don’t need to figure anything out.

7.  The source code is available for you so should you decide to move your platform off Ning and onto your website you can do that.

While you are running a group on Ning, you can also join other groups relevant to what you do and invite members to join yours and invite your members to join theirs. This is a way to grow your network, however, remember that these days getting contacts is about building a relationship with potential clients, so you dont want to be in the situation of belonging to loads of groups and not having time to network efficiently.

You sign up for a general account, under which all groups joined will be stored, then you will use this to login or sign up to each network you join. I recently worked with a client to get her started on Ning, and it’s quite easy once you get started. Here are some business groups to get you started!

Go here to get yourself signed up or to start your own membership/social site with Ning. Let me know how you get on, and if you have any questions, do email me at

Monday: blogging for business

BONUS Friday video!!! to get you thinking of the best way to plan your day:



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