Prospects and Problems

“If someone does not have a problem you can solve, you do not have a prospect.”

This is a point that comes up time and again, on websites, in sales training videos and in many of the business information events I’ve been too. So, what does it mean to address a prospects problem and how do you do it effectively?

Statistics show that the majority of people are motivated by moving ‘away from pain’, so for example, if they are in a situation that makes them unhappy, instead of going for where the ‘grass is greener and nicer to eat’, they would be more likely to only make the move out of the situation when the lawnmower runs them over! Of course some people are motivated by moving towards pleasure, and it’s up to you and your sales team to determine what your prospects motivator is.
In the Wealth Creation industry you will see many ads that speak to people about being in debt, losing their house and family, being miserable etc, this is a good example of ‘pain to prospect’ marketing. ‘If you dont sign up for my course now you’ll be miserable forever’ type of thing.
Many marketers will tell you that this is effective marketing, finding out what it is that your prospects worry about, where their pain is, and then telling them about how your course or product will solve or prevent this pain.
This is because, like I said earlier, the majority of people are motivated by having had enough of a situation causing them pain.

Not “Features and Benefits” – It’s about PAINS!

So many sales technique training programs emphasize product or service feature and benefit “selling”. As a potential buyer it is nice to know all this, but prospects want the sales person to first listen to and understand their problems; how long they’ve had them, what its cost them and what they’ve done already to try to fix them. A potential buyer needs to do this first before they can fully appreciate any form of potential pain relief.

So, think about your market place. What are their needs? What do they desire? What problems do they have that would be solved by your service, product or course? What issues do they face if they dont buy your product? They may use words like “challenges”, “problems”, or “obstacles”, but all of the words amount to the same thing; they are experiencing discomfort; they are experiencing pain. Their “pain” is whatever they are asking your assistance with.
And then, once you’ve identified this, be genuine in wanting to help them solve the problem they have!

No-one likes to feel like they’ve been made a fool of or have fallen for a sales pitch!

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, once said, “We will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure”. This is particularly true if we are fully involved in pain at the time. With this prospect pain definition selling approach increases in your sales results are certain, resulting in significant pain relief for both the buyer AND the seller.


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  1. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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